Gondwana Geological Magazine - Dec. 1986


  • Introduction to Korean Geology with special reference to Ophiolite and rift valley. - Dai Sung Lee
  • New Palaeontological Evidence For The Age And Initiation of The Deccan Volcanics, Central Peninsular India - Ashok Sahni, G. V. R. Prasad and R. S. Rana
  • Mineralogy of days from Laterites on Gneissic rocks, Colva, Goa, India. - A. G. Dessai and Sudha Warrier
  • A Preliminary Study of The Genesis of Staurolite In The Pelitic Enclaves of Sakoli Migmatites - B. V. Shastry and Y. G. Dekate
  • Addition To The Life History of Mohgaostrobus Sahni Prakash - A Gymnosperm Cone Form The 'Deccan Intertrappean Series' of India - V. P. Dixit and S. A. Paradkar
  • An Attempt to Identify a Possible Succession within Megaflora of Wealden Rock Formations of Indian Peninsula - V. D. Borkar