Gondwana Geological Magazine - Dec. 1987


  • Floristic and Stratigraphic Significance of the Megafloral assemblage of Gangapur Formation in Andhra Pradesh, - C. G. K. Ramanujam, G. Muralidhar Rao and H. Ramkrishoa
  • Evaluation of Groundwater Potential in Hard Rocks with Reference To parts of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh, India - Ravinder, B. Ramana Rao, N. and Reddy M. N.
  • Megafloristics of the Lower Gondwana Succession in Pachwara Coalfield, Bihar - Bajaj Prasad V. D. Shukla and P. K. Maithy
  • Trend of Mineralisation in Veldurthi Iron Ore Deposit, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. - R. Pavanguru and Ramana Rao. N
  • Trace Element Geochemistry of Plagioclases from Anorthositic Rocks of Banpur, Orissa. - M. S. Naik.
  • Does Palaeobotanical Evidence Support a Marine Arm in Central India daring Deposition of Deccan Intertrappcan Beds ? - V. D. Borkar