Gondwana Geological Magazine - June 1994


  • An Appraisal of Recent (30-9-93) Killari Earthquake and Seismotectonics of the vicinty. - R.S. Gathoo and N. V. R. Chary
  • Killari -Sastur and Koyna- Bhatsa Earthquakes in Deccan Trap Basalt of Maharashtra as a trigger effect of seeping reservoirs. - P.G.Adyalkar, R.S. Ayyangar, S.S.Tikekar and Y.D. Khare
  • Marathwada Earthquake of 30th September 1993 and its impact on hydrogeological Regime in parts of Latur and Osmanabad districts, Maharashtra - S.K.Jain and S.Marwaha
  • Geotherinics of Killari Earth quake of 30th September, 1993, Latur and Osmanabad districts, Maharashtra - U.L. Pitale
  • Earthquake Prediction: Understanding of processes related with dilatancy and studies that can be carried out - D.B.Yedeker
  • Comments in the Questionnaire Session by S. M. Dutta towards 'Cause of Seismicity in peninsular India'.