Gondwana Geological Magazine - Dec. 1995


  • Deccan Traps in Relation To Western Continental Margin Of India - T.K. Mallik
  • Petrography Of Uraniferous Host Rocks Along the Deccan Trap- Lameta - Crystalline Rocks Contact At Lalbarra, District Mandla, Madhya Pradesh - N Ranganath, D. Veera Bhaskar and S.K. Hansoti
  • Biostratigraphic Correlation of Bagh and Lameta Formation (Infratrappeans) Of Central India with Uppermost Gondwana (Umia/Bhuj) Formation of Western India, with Observations On their Depositional Environments And Age Relationships - K.K. Verma
  • A Giant Pressume Ridge in Simple (AA Type) Lava Flow in the Bapdev Ghat Region Near Pune, Maharashtra - Anant V. Phadke and Aditi Apte
  • On The Origin and Classification of Springs In the Western Ghats, Maharashtra - P.K. Naik, A.K. Awasthi and P.K. Agarwal
  • Assessment Of Impact Of Water Conservation Structures On Groundwater Regime In Wagarwadi Watershed, Parbhani, Maharashtra - K.P. Gore, M.S. Pendke, B.C. Mal, V. V. S. Gurunadha Rao and C.P. Gupta
  • The Techno - Economic Aspects Of Ground Water Potential and Development In Deccan Flood Basalts, Maharashtra - P.K. Agarwal
  • Evolution of Dongargarh Granite - Dr. N.K. Mohabey and Dr. M.K. Chatterjee