Gondwana Geological Magazine - June 1998


  • Geology of Basalt Flows Around Salher with Reference to their Stratigraphy - P.K. Thorat
  • Rare Evidence of Fissure Type Eruption from the Southern Part of the Deccan Volcanic Province, India - N.R. Karmalkar, G.R. Soman, R.A. Duraiswami, A.V. Phadke
  • Carbonate Petrology of Bhander Limestone of Rewa Area, Madhya Pradesh, India - Yamuna Singh and D.P. Dubey
  • An Enigmatic Sedimentary Structure from the Kaladgi Supergroup (Proterozoic), Karnataka State, India - Kantimati G. Kulkarni and V.D. Borkar
  • Study on Neotectonic Activity and Geomorphology of Different Parts of Tamil Nadu and Pondy Areas Using LISS II Data - P. Raja, K.C. Sahu, Ajay Naithani and S.N. Bhagat
  • Contribution of the Rocks of the Dharwar Super Group in Karnataka towards the Gold Production of India - An Account with some Futuristic Suggestions- M.B. Gulhane
  • Narmada Lineament in the Light of the Plate Tectonics Concept - K.K. Dutta