Gondwana Geological Magazine - 1992-93


  • Genesis of the tungsten Deposit in Balda, Rajasthan - M.S.Naik
  • Incidences of Basemetal Mineralisation in Precambrian of Harda Region, Madhya Pradesh - V.K.Khadse and G.S.Sitaram
  • Palaeoenvironmental Interpretation of Lameta Formation (Late Cretaceous) of Nand Area, Nagpur District, Maharashtra - D.M.Mohabey and S.G. Udhoji
  • Petrochemistry of Deccan Basalts around Mowar, Nagpur District Maharashtra - M.R.Borikar and N.K.Mohabey
  • Textural and Structural characteristics of the Cretaceous Bagh Sandstones associated with Carbonatite-Alkaline Intrusives of Chhota Udaipur, Gujrat, India - R.K.Avasia, W.J. Chang and L.G.Gwalani
  • Chemistry of the Groundwater in Precambrian Sediments of the Vindhyan Super Group, Northeastern Madhya Pradesh,India - Yamuna Sing
  • On some Palm Remains from the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Betul District, Madhya Pradesh, India - B.B.Gayakwad, & G.V.Patil
  • Petrographic Studies of the Bagh Beds along the Narmada Valley in Madhya Pradesh, India - S. Ramasamy and J. Madhavaraju
  • Miocene Spore and Pollen Complex from a Borewell at Thakkazhi in alleppey District Kerala - G.Muralidhara Rao.R.R.Reddy and C.G.K.Ramanujam
  • Soil Mapping utilising Remote Sensing Techniques and Groundwater Balance Study of Somni Nala Basin, Durg District, Madhya Pradesh - S.K.Pande and P.K.Shrivastava
  • Geothermal System in Deccan Trap Province, Western Maharashtra, India - G.G.Deshpande and U.L.Pitale
  • Geomorphology of the Baroda Urban Complex, Gujarat State. - S.F.Barodawala and P.K.Patel
  • Alternatives for Big dams - Madhusudan Patil


  • International Conference on Mineral Development and Environment - K.L. Rai


  • Mukund Laxman Deshpande
  • Nicholas M.S.Rock
  • Announcement