Gondwana Geological Magazine - Dec. 2001


  • New Echinoid Fauna from the South Indian Cretaceous Deposits - S. A. Aziz and R. M. Badve
  • Palynology and Age of Carbonaceous Clay Occurring at Koparkhairna, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - Sakurkar Chandrashekhar Vishwanath
  • Diagenetic Effects on Limestones of Lameta Formation around Nand, Nagpur District, Maharashtra - Y. A. Murkute
  • Program to Calculate Pressure-Temperature based on Garnet+Spinel+ Quartz+Orthopyroxene+Sapphirine+Cordierite+Sillimanite Equilibria - H. Thomas
  • Short Communication : Importance of Protecting Indian Fossil Sites and the responsibility of Geological Survev of India in the Coming Decades : A Special Reference to Indian Dinosaur Sites - D. M. Mohabey and S. S. Kanwar
  • Evaluation and Prediction of Groundwater Movement in Nawabganj area, Northwest Bangladesh - Golam Sabbir Sattar, Selim Jahanglr and Mumnunul Keramat