Gondwana Geological Magazine - Dec. 2002


  • Beach Conglomerates of Badami Group, Karnataka State, India - G. R. Soman and M. A. Jafari
  • Palynoiogical Marine Index Analysis of Eocene Sediments of Geleki Field, Upper Assam: Technique for Sequence Stratigraphy - R K. Saxena, A. C. Baruah and T. C. Saikia
  • Geniculate Coralline Algae from Middle Eocene to Lower Miocene of Kachchh, Gujarat, India - P. Kundal and Sumedh K. Humane
  • On Stratigraphy, Age and Depositional Environment of Algal Limestone of Middle Andaman Island, Andaman, India - P. Kundal and K.M. Wanjarwadkar
  • Diagenetic Structures Associated with Bhander Limestone Formation, University area Rewa, Madhya Pradesh - R. N. Tiwari and D. P. Dubey