Gondwana Geological Magazine - June 2003


  • Sedimentation History of Gondwana Rocks of Talchir, Barakar and Kamthi Formations (Upper Carboniferous-Lower Triassic) from Trough Sub-Parallel to Pranhita-Wardha Valley, Chandrapur and Nagpur Districts, Maharashtra- AY. A. Murkute
  • Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Non-marine Dinoflagellate (Peridiniales) and Aquilapollenites bearing Palynoassemblage from a New Deccan Inter-trap near Daiwal River Section, Chandrapur District, Maharashtra - Bandana Samant and D. M. Mohabey
  • Palynology of Jabalpur Formation in Type Area: Age and Environment - N. N. Dogra, R. Y. Singh and Y. Raghumani Singh
  • Correlation of Middle Cambrian Succession of North-Western Kashmir, Himalaya, with Reference to Biochronological Studies - S. K. Parcha
  • Foraminifera from Late Palaeocene to Early Eocene of Mawsynram area, Meghalaya - Kalpana Deka Kalita and Bikash Gogoi
  • Fabric Selective Porosity Loss from Dwarka Limestone A. P. Dharashivkar, Y. A. Murkute and P. Kundal
  • A Brief Note on Occurrence of coal below Deccan Trap in Wardha District, Maharashtra: an extension of Wardha Valley Coal Field S. V. Sawakhande, R. S. Kalamkar, N R. Chary, C. V. Sakurkar