Gondwana Geological Magazine - June 2005


  • Dykes as Potential Groundwater Reservoirs in Semi-arid areas of Sakri Taluka, Dhule District, Maharashtra - Ramond A. Duraiswami
  • A Facies and Depositional Environment of the Proximal part of the Tista Alluvial fan, Northwestern Bangladesh - Mrinal Kanti Roy, Golam Sabbir Sattar, Mahobub Hasan Bhuiyan And Nur-E-Alam Siddique
  • Recent Benthic Ostracod Response to Environment in Tambrapami Estuary, Punnaikayal, Tuticorin, Southeast Coast of India - S. M. Hussain, P. Ganesan and S. P. Mohan
  • Megafloral Analysis of Intertrappean Sediments with Focus on Diversity and Abundance of Flora of Mohgaonkalan, Mandla and Adjoining Areas of Madhya Pradesh - D. K. Kapgate
  • Cariceophyllum mohgaonse, a petrified leaf from Intertrappean bed, Mohgaonkalan, Madhya Pradesh, India - M. Bhowal and M. T. Sheikh
  • A New Bryophytic Sporogonium Targioniaites heartii From Deccan Intertrappean Bed of Mohgaonkalan, Madhya Pradesh, India - S. D. Narkhede and Sayeda Parveen Qureshi

Research Note

  • Evaluation of Porosity Loss in limestones of western Kutch, India - Sumedh K. Humane and P. Kundal
  • Report on Workshop - D.M.Mohabey