Gondwana Geological Magazine - June 2006


  • Petrography of Upper Gondwana Sediments (Early Cretaceous) of Bairam-Belkher Area, Amravati District, Maharashtra and Betul District, Madhya Pradesh - Ashok K. Srivastava and Ranjana R. Gawande
  • Permian to Jurassic Palynoflora in Subsurface Strata, Pachami Area, West Bengal, India - Vijaya
  • Magnetic Stratigraphy of Tharwar Volcanics, West Nimar District, Madhya Pradesh with emphasis on Rock-magnetism and Palaeomagnetism - S.F.R.Khadri
  • Pillow Lavas of Baghmara Formation (Sonakhan Greenstone Belt), Central India: Geochemical Constraints from Major Elements - S. D. Deshmukh, K.R. Hari and P. Diwan
  • Vertebrate Fauna from Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Bhanpura, Mandsaur District, Madhya Pradesh - V. V. Kapur, S. Bajpai, N. Saravanan and D. P. Das
  • A Petrified Dicot Fruit, Euphorbioceocarpon singhpurii, from the Intertrappean Bed of Singhpur, Madhya Pradesh - M. Bhowal and M.T. Sheikh
  • Fossil Megasporophyll with a Pair ot Ovules from Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Mohgaonkalan, Madhya Pradesh, India - D.K.Kapgate, P.D.Kolhe and M.Y.Tickley
  • A New Pteridophytic Sporangia (Qsmondosporangium deccani) from the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Mohgaonkalan - S. D. Narkhede and Sayeda Parveen Qureshi
  • Hydrogeomorphological Studies for Locating Groundwater Potential Zones in the Sarada River Basin, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh - D. John Devadas, N.Subba Rao, B.Thirupathi Rao, K.V. Srinivasa Rao and A. Subrahmanyam
  • Characterisation of Photo Elements to Study Rocks Around Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, Centra) India - Nishith Dubey and R. K.Trivedi
  • Neotectonics in the Killari Area of Maharashtra: A Preliminary Study Based on Remote Sensing - D. Dhar.Y. D. Khare and D. B. Malpe