Gondwana Geological Magazine - Dec. 2010


  • Marine to Continental Transition and Sequence Stratigraphy in a Paleogene Succession of the Western Himalayan Foreland Basin, India - B. P. Singh, J. S. Pawar, Y. Raghumani Singh, G. P. Singh and A. Srivastava
  • Two Contrasting Lithofacies in the Surma Basin of the Tripura-Mizoram Accretionary Belt, India: Implication to Transgressive-Regressive Basin Evolutionary Phases - A. G. Badekar, S. J. Sangode, J. Malsawma, R. P. Tiwari and P. Lalnuntluanga
  • Magnetic Stratigraphy Across a Late Paleocene-Eocene Marine to Continental Transition Sequence of the Subathu and Dagshai Formations in NW Himalaya, India - S. J. Sangode, Rohtash Kumar, S. K. Ghosh and A. G. Badekar
  • Distinction between Marine and Continental Facies in the Palaeoproterozoic Deoland Formation, Vindhyan Supergroup, Central India - Shantanu Banerjee
  • Signature of a part of Proterozoic Fan-Delta System from the Chhaosa Formation, Simla Group, Himachal Pradesh - Bhabani P. Mukhopadhyay, Ananya Biswas and Ravindra Kumar
  • First Report of Twelve Recent Benthic Foraminifera from the Indian Waters - Vikal Kumar Singh and P. K. Kathal
  • Bivalve Fauna of Middle Eocene, Harudi Formation, Kachchh, Gujarat - K. Bigyapati Devi, R. P. Kachhara and R. L. Jodhawat
  • Sedimentology of Quaternary Sediments Around Jejuri, Karha River Basin, District Pune, Maharashtra State, Western India - Ashwin S. Pundalik, M. G. Kale and G.R.Soman
  • Palynology and Age of the Subsurface Strata in Birbhum Coalfield, West Bengal, India - Vijaya, Srikanta Murthy and S. M. Vethanayagam
  • A Preliminary Study of Grain Size Characteristic and Pattern of Sedimentation in the Main Channel of Purna River, Maharashtra - Ashok K. Srivastava, Pravin S. Parimal and Vivek M. Kale
  • Assessment of Groundwater Quality of River Yamuna and Soil Health of Naini Area, Allahabad City, India - Saurabh Upadhyay, A. A. David, A. James, T.Thomas, R. Bharose and H.Thomas
  • Environmental Implications on Variation of Sedimentation Rate and Organic Matter Content in Lacustrine Sediments Analysed from Diversified Climatic Zones of India - B.Sekar, S.K. Bera and A. Bhattacharyya
  • Report of the National Seminar on "Sedimentary Basins of India - Economic Potential and Future Prospects" - A.M. Pophare and P. Kundal
  • Obituary