Gondwana Geological Magazine - June 2011


  • Geochemistry of Neoproterozoic Ultrapotassic A-type Granites of Sudasna Area, Mehsana District, Gujarat: Geodynamic and Petrogenetc Implications - P.B. Maithani, N. Muralikrishna and Rahul Banerjee
  • Migration of Seismicity in the North - Eastern Part of India - A Possible Relation with the Major Structural Elements - A. Umamaheswari, P. Pradeep Kumar and R. K. Sukhtankar
  • Fungal Remains from Mand Coalfield, Chhattisgarh and their Significance in Palaeoenvironmental Assessment - Ram-Awatar
  • Petrography, Major Oxide Petrochemistry, Insoluble Residue Analysis and Nomenclature of Calcareous Sediments from Lameta Formation of Chhui Hill, Jabalpur, Central India - Gyanendra Pratap Singh
  • Pedochemical and Mineralog'cal Characterization of Basaltic Clay Soils in the Marathwada Region, Central India - S. P. Zade, P. Raja and B. P. Bhaskar
  • A Report on Benthic Foraminifera in Intertidal Region of Mandvi Coast, Kachchh, Gujarat - Satish J. Patel and Bhawanisingh G. Desai
  • Morphometric Study of Gangeo Area, Rewa District Madhya Pradesh, India - R.N. Tiwari and S. L. Bharti
  • Two New Fossil Fungi from the Ledo Colliery (Oligocene), Makum Coalfield, Assam, India - B. D. Mandaokar
  • Quaternary Faunal Record of Godavari River Basin from Nanded District of Maharashtra - R. A. Pathani, R. 0. Kaplay and Md. Babar
  • Fossil Drupe Palmocarpon rodei from Daccan Intertrappean Beds of Mohgoankalan, Madhya Pradesh, India - D.K. Kapgate, P. D. Kolhe and Y. B. Gedam
  • Note on Petrified Conifer from Pondicherry Area - V. Ramsundar, A. Agarwal and A. Rajanikanth