Gondwana Geological Magazine - Dec. 2012


  • Watershed Development through Community Participation : A Case Study from Nidhal Village, Satara District, Maharashtra - Chandrakant Dalvi, Suryakant Patil and R. A. Duraiswami
  • Long-Term Rainfall Analysis and Runoff Estimation in Mountainous Watershed: A Case Study from Mhadei River Basin, Goa and Karnataka - Manoj Ibrampurkar and A. G. Chachadi
  • Aquifer Sustainability through Water Level Fluctuation and Recharge in Sukinda Chromite Mining Area, Odisha - Ratnakar Dhakate, A. K. Mohanty, B. Gladson, V. V. S. G. Rao and D. B. Panaskar
  • Groundwater Level Forecasting Using Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ): A Case Study from Kholad Watershed, Wardha River Basin, Amravati District, Maharashtra - V. M. Rokade, R. J. Ramteke, C. P. Bhoyarand S. P. Khadse
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Based Multi-Thematic Mapping for Efficient Management of Natural Resources of Kannapuram Sub-Watershed of West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh - L. Surinaidu, P. Laxminarayana, J. Mahesh, S. Sridhara Naidu, V. V. S. Gurunadharao and P. Rajendraprasad
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Based Comparative Morphometric Study of Two Sub-watersheds of Different Physiographic Conditions, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India - G. Thamma Rao, V. V. S. Gurunadha Rao, Ratnakar Dhakate and A. Narayana Swamy
  • Micro Level Study on Delineation of Groundwater Potential Zones in Ambur Sub Basin, Tamil Nadu - C. G. Hemamalini, M. Krishnaveni and S. Vinobha
  • Estimation of Aquifer Transmissivity and Hydraulic Conductivity from Electrical Resistivity Sounding Data for Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Campus, Uttarakhand - N. V. Sharma
  • Petrographic Texture of Sediments vis-a-vis Aquifer Characteristics of Kamthi Sandstones from Minjhari-Murpar Village, Chandrapur District, Central India - Y. A. Murkute, P. P. Badhan and G. D. Mahajan
  • Development, Augmentation and Management of Groundwater Resources of Nagpur Metropolitan City - P. K. Jain, S. C. Paranjpe and P. K. Parchure
  • Major Ion Chemistry and Identification of Hydrogeochemical Processes of Groundwater in Pune Metropolitan Region, Maharashtra - S. C. Paranjpe, N. J. Pawar and P. K. Jain
  • Groundwater Management Studies in Overexploited Watersheds of Purna River Sub-Basin, Buldhana District, Maharashtra - Pandith Madhnure