Recent Developments in Groundwater Resources of Central India


  • Introduction - A. M. Pophare and D.B. Malpe
  • Groundwater Utilisation in Raver Taluka, District Jalgaon, Maharashtra - Pradeep K. Naik and K. Keerthiseelan
  • Groundwater Status and Development Perspective in Tribal Areas of Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra - Pandith Madhnure, D. Prakash, P.K. Parchure and D. Venkateshwaran
  • Mass Balance Modelling of Groundwaters from Shallow Basaltic and Alluvial Aquifers of Behedi Basin, Nasik District, Maharashtra - N. J. Pawar and J. D. Nikumbh
  • A Realistic Assessment of Groundwater Potential in Deccan Traps: A Remote Sensing and GIS Approach - D. Dhar, R.K. Deshkar, D.B. Malpe, Y.D. Khare and S. Joshi
  • Groundwater Studies in Hattur Nala Basin, Solapur District, Maharashtra - S.M. Sabale. R.S. Valsangkar, V.R. Ghodake and A.B. Narayanpethkar
  • Variability between and within the Watersheds in Hard Rock Terrains - Vijay Pakhmode, Himanshu Kulkarni and S.B. Deolankar
  • Impact Assessment of Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Structure: A Case Study from Wadi Area, Nagpur District, Maharashtra - Anil M. Pophare, Abhay M. Varade and Nayusha Sathvane
  • Artificial Recharge of Regional Aquifer by Innovative Chetan Pattern Bandhara: A Success Story of Village Gondumri, Bhandara District, Maharashtra - Chetan S. Gajbhiye
  • Groundwater Conditions in Eastern Maharashtra: Emerging Challenges - Raymond A. Duraiswami
  • Assessment of Groundwater Quality of Nanded City, Maharashtra - D.B. Panaskar, D.B. Yedekar and S.M. Deshpande
  • Groundwater Pollution of Deeper Aquifers Around Industrial Area of New Nanded, Maharashtra - R.D. Kaplay and H.S. Patode
  • Impact of Urbanisation on Groundwater Regime of Amravati Urban Area, Maharashtra - Rahul R. Shende, D. Mohanta and Pandith Madhnure
  • Nitrate Contamination in Groundwater in Maregaon Taluka, Yavatmal District, Maharashtra - Prem Babu, H. Y. Bhai, M. Sinha and N. V. Nitnavere
  • Hydrochemistry of Groundwater from Bhadravati Tehsil, Chandrapur District, Maharashtra: With Special Reference to Fluoride Contamination - Jaya K. Kodate, Anil M. Pophare, Rekha Gajbhiye and Yogita Meshram
  • Groundwater Quality in Eastern and Southeastern Parts of Rajura Tehsil, Chandrapur District, Maharashtra - Anil M. Pophare and Seema M. Dewalkar
  • Fluoride Contamination of Groundwaters in Rural Parts of Yavatmal District, Maharashtra: Causes and Remedies - Pandith Madhnure and D.B. Malpe