Lakes and Environmental Aspects


  • Preface - Sumedh K. Humane and Yogesh A. Murkute
  • Diatoms as Tools for Assessment of Water Quality and Environmental Change-Present and Past - Jacob John
  • Diatoms and Water Quality Assessment of the Yercaud Lake, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, South India - R. Venkatachalapathy, G. Nanthakumar and P. Karthikeyan
  • Sedimentary Diatoms and Water Quality Appraisal of the Pandharabodi Lake, Umrer Taluka, Nagpur District, Maharashtra - Yogita V. Badge, Sumedh K. Humane and Samaya S. Humane
  • Thecamoebians as Proxies for Seasonally Induced Hydrological Changes in Sub-tropical Ponds of India - Anjum Farooqui, Arun Kumar and Ranjana
  • Seasonal Diatom Diversity with Reference to Hydrochemistry and Geochemistry of the Paradgaon Lake of Umrer Taluka, Nagpur District, Maharashtra - Sonal D. Kamble, Samaya S. Humane, Sumedh K. Humane
  • Water Balance Studies for Understanding the Recent Drying of Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh - Suhas Khobragade, C. P. Kumar and R. D. Singh
  • Diatoms as Indicators of Water Quality in Imphal, Nambul, Waishen Rivers and Loktak lake, Manipur State, North East India - R. Venkatachalapathy, M. Chandra Singh, P. Karthikeyan, L. Somorjit Singh, and L. Sanjoy Singh
  • Holocene Evolution of the Freshwater Lakes of Sothern Kerala, SW India - Vishnu Mohan S and Padmalal D
  • Distribution of Freshwater Diatoms in the Sediments of the Perumal Lake, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu - P. Loganathan, A. Pruhantheen, Sumedh K. Humane and S. M. Hussain
  • Reconstructing the Relationship of Diatoms and Water Quality Change in the Bodhalkasa Lake, Gondia District, Maharashtra - Snehal G. Juare, Samaya S. Humane and Sumedh K. Humane
  • Present is Key to the Past : Case Study Arsenic Prone Part of the Bengal Delta, West Bengal, India and its Remediation - Pradip Kumar Mukherjee and Harbans Singh
  • Diatom Indices for Water Quality Assessment in Cauvery River, Tamil Nadu, India - R. Venkatachalapathy and P. Karthikeyan
  • Paleolimnological Study of the Krishnagiri Reservoir of the Tamilnadu State for the Water Quality Assessment using Diatoms - R. Ramanibai
  • Estuary as a Sedimentary Depositional Environment - A Review - G. N. Nayak
  • Foraminifera as an Indicator for Pollution Studies in Cochin Backwaters of Kerala, Southwest Coast of India - M. Suresh Gandhi and K. Jisha
  • Environment-Friendly Utilization of Water Available in Ground, Lakes, Rivers and Rains in the Indian Subcontinent - Subhashis Sen